Thursday, 2 October 2008

Quiet day

It's good to have quiet days now and again! Housework, cooking, reading, ironing, the animal care, baking bread, cuddling the kids whilst watching The Bill. The YFG had a friend to play after school - yes, that little girl yet again, but I don't mind as I am pleased that kids like coming here to play: it means that I can easily keep in touch with who they are playing with and keep a check on their behaviour! She stayed for tea, which was sausage plait and baked beans, a family favourite.

The weather here has been very fresh today - I am trying to stay positive and evoke a thought of fresh, bright autumnal days, rather than cold, damp days - I know that those days are coming and that they are probably not that far away. We are not putting the heating on until the 1st November, I am determined! We have to make a date to go by, or we would just put it on anyway, but whilst the EFG is walking around in just a Tshirt and trousers, we don't need it on. She did ask me tonight when we would be putting it on, and I pointed out that she could put on a jumper (sweater) if she was cold - she wasn't cold enough to go and fetch one, though!

I spent a while looking at some tutorials on the net this morning for home-made gifts, which inspired me to dig out the old sewing machine, and some fabric. The sewing machine is a hand-operated Singer and it is OLD! It has some problems with tension in the stitches, so I need to talk to my sister about it, or see if I can find any info on the net about it.

We brought the quail outside into the greenhouse as we were worried that they weren't getting enough light where they were in the shed - they were with the little chicks. Hopefully they will soon start to lay some eggs!

Go to go to bed soon - early meeting at school tomorrow, so need to be in gear and ready to go!

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