Wednesday, 22 October 2008

Beautiful day

I said yesterday how few of these clear autumnal days we have had, and lo and behold, we are enjoying one today! So I went outside with the camera and took some pictures:
These are the strawberry plants which the FH was given on Sunday by my uncle. The ground has had to be prepared to put them in but they are all safely tucked into the raised bed here this morning.

This grey and white rabbit is one of the latest to be born and had never been out of the hutch onto the grass before today so he/she (not sure which yet) was very keen!

Mum and sibling came too - you will see that the shadows look long and you would think that perhaps I had taken these photos in the evening but this is our low autumn/winter sun!

"Can't we come too?" these bunnies are asking! Well, no, you can't as we don't mix bunnies now as sometimes they fight when they are not used to being together so only hutch-mates get put out in the run at the same time - maybe these will get a turn later!

And here is a final picture of the cat who lives with us; she is not our cat, but she has chosen to live under our verandah. She was luxuriating in the sunshine this morning and just got up to pose when she saw me with the camera.

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