Thursday, 30 October 2008

Baking day!

This is the Remoska cooker that I posted about the other day. It consists of a lid containing the heating element, a non-stick deep pan, and a stainless steel stand. I have had a bit of an experiment with it today and successfully baked some bread in it (photo further down) so I am very pleased with it.

Here is the pizza which I made for tea for the family. Simple and quick and very cost effective (doesn't that sound so much better than "cheap"?!) to make. I have told you about this pizza recipe before, so I thought I would share a picture today.

And these are two little loaves of bread that cooked in the Remoska this afternoon. They have been sampled and deemed acceptable, so I shall be making that again!

And the Christmas cakes were made as well - the fruit soaked overnight; it was plump and juicy in the orange juice and brandy mixture this morning. I closed the oven door on them at about 10.20 this morning, so they were baked through by about 1.30 this afternoon. The house smelt wonderful whilst they were baking - cinnamon and all the spices came together to provide a really festive fragrance already.
The oil delivery came this afternoon, and the driver had an extra 70 litres on board that were spare, so we took those at the same price. That was a bargain as the price has already risen on the price I got on Monday. The FGs and I went to the scrapbooking/stamping studio this afternoon; we had a lovely chat with the lady who runs it, and made some beautiful creations. It is very relaxing to go there and switch off from other things and just create something under her guidance!

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