Saturday, 11 October 2008

Quick photo call

I didn't get these uploaded yesterday, so here are the rabbits enjoying the sunshine and yes, that is my shadow - I am not renowned for my photography and I think that that is probably quite a common mistake! The two rabbits on the left are female Dutch rabbits, born earlier in the year. The hutch next to them has the three white rabbits - who are nameless as we can't tell the difference between them. They were very skinny when we got them and are only now, months later, beginning to put weight on. They are also female. They are put into a big run on the grass when the weather is nice.

Here we have a closer shot of one of the white ones enjoying the sun. She sat like this for some while, obviously very contented.

And finally - the latest on the chicks! They are growing well, beginning to get wing feathers now, and very keen to be using them - they keep flying up to perch on the rim of the pen they are in, so we have had to put a wire lid over them!

We have had a long day! The YFG and I went to gymnastics this morning from 9.30 until 1pm, and then raced home to get changed and go with the FH and EFG to the showground to set the stall out for the Autumn show tomorrow. It took ages! We unloaded everything and then had to construct the racks, organise where to put everything - which can get very fraught at times, when I want to put something in one place and the FH thinks it should go elsewhere - but we managed. We then came home and I cooked a quick tea of sausages and mashed potatoes, followed by ginger cake (I'll post the recipe for that sometime soon - it is Good!) and now I have finished the kitchen cleanup and just need to make some posters for tomorrow. I will try to remember to take the camera so that I can take some pictures around the show and of the stall.

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