Saturday, 25 October 2008

Getting there

Yesterday I paced myself and got up enough energy to take the YFG back to gymnastics. We didn't go early to help with the set-up of the equipment as we usually do - we got there about twenty minutes before the class was due to start so we could have a chat with the other coaches! It was OK and I managed to keep going for the evening, and actually felt well enough after the class to nip into the new Tesco for some fresh fruit and veggies.

Yes, I am back on the Tesco topic! Sorry, but I have to! The new Tesco has been opened in the nearby town, and it is Huge. It is also now open 24 hours, six days a week. The old shop was big enough for a small market town, and there are larger stores in three directions, all about 20 minutes away, where the occasional "big shop" at Christmas might get done. This new store is almost as big as these others, and it now sells clothes, household goods, electrical stuff, has a pharmacy, and has required an extra 150 staff. The visit last night was interesting, as I can now say that I have been and had a look - but I won't be rushing back. The size of the shop and all the "fantastic" displays are designed to part us from our money, and I am resisting giving them more of ours! It will also take longer to shop there as there is too much to look at and too far to walk, to start with...

How do I plan to shop now, then? I am going to continue to have my shopping delivered by the supermarket, visit Lidl once a month, and pop into the small Sainsbury's in the town when I need to pick up fruit or veg. Shopping online means that I can easily keep to a budget, check the cupboards as I am doing the order, and alter it right up to the last hours before the delivery. I have been using Tesco, but this week I was emailed a special voucher code from Sainsbury's so I am giving them a go next week. Having the delivery saves me time and also saves me from temptation in the shops!

Tonight, the YFG is having her first sleepover at her friend's house around the corner. I am pleased that she is only a two minute walk away but I am also quite confident that she will be fine. The FH, EFG and I are sitting here watching "Strictly Come Dancing" and marvelling at the progress that some of the celebrities are making from one week to another. When I have finished this post, I am quite excited to have a couple of new books to explore - "Better Off" by Eric Brende, and "Housewife, 49: the Second World War Diaries of Nella Last". Both are books about a really different kind of life and both are books which I really hope to learn from. I'll tell you more once I have read them.

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