Wednesday, 10 February 2010

They are coming home - at last!

It seems such a long time since all this illness catastrophe kicked off in the Caribbean, but the weary travellers should start their journey home tonight! The plane is due to leave Antigua at 5.30pm their time tonight, and should arrive at Gatwick at 5.30GMT tomorrow morning. Then a car arranged for them will bring them back to their home. I am sure that they will be very relieved to get home after all this, as I know I will be tremendously glad to see them again and know that they are back here with us. I know that they have been on the other side of the world, and it has felt so FAR!

Goodness knows how they will feel about the weather - they are coming from balmy Caribbean heat back to snow and ice, so I am sure that they will feel quite a difference. Here this morning, the sun is shining but there are large flakes of snow falling from the sky and there is a keen wind at times so it feels frrrrrrreeeeeeeezing!

The time has come to start investigating getting some eggs in the incubators - we are going to phone a man in the Wisbech area from whom we bought some birds last year and ask if he will sell us some eggs. I know last year he had silver-laced Wyandottes, Light sussex and Rhode Island Red as well as a couple of other breeds, so I am hoping he will have some eggs to spare soon.

I forgot to say - we finally got the new Volvo last Friday. The YFG was over the moon to see it at last and we had to go to gym in it Friday night and Saturday morning. Friday she sat in the front, but Saturday she tried all the other seats out - the back and the two in the boot! She has declared it lovely, and wants to go everywhere in it now, passing over my poor old Astra at every opportunity!

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