Thursday, 11 February 2010

Happenings here

Goodness me, I had a fright this morning when the Medical Assistance company called at 7.30am to say that their driver hadn't yet found Dad and MB at the airport - two hours after the plane landed! I was on tenterhooks for ten minutes, wondering who to call, when he then rang back to say that the driver had them safely found and they were on their way home - whew, the relief!! To have come all this way and then got lost in the airport would have been too much...

Other news is that I spoke to the poultry man, Steph, last night and he has many more breeds this year than he had last time I visited him. He has been improving his bloodlines and is hoping to produce some excellent birds this year. He is also reporting good fertility already in some breeds, so I have my fingers crossed for my own hatchings from his eggs. Last year I got most of the eggs we hatched from sellers on ebay, but that meant that a lot of the eggs had to come through the postal system, which isn't a great idea. This year we have decided to purchase only from people from whom we can actually go and pick the eggs up, in the hope of greater success rates. We are probably going to start with Barnevelder and Silver-laced Wyandotte bantams from Steph, and maybe he'll have some Gold-laced Orpington eggs later in the year - Coco was one of those, so I am hoping that I'll be able to raise some more of that beautiful breed this year.


Mrs. Mac said...

Glad to read your loved ones are home. I love reading about other people and their chickens (adventures;) ... would love to have them but too many road blocks (neighborhood restrictions ... no fenced in yards ... abundant wildlife (bears, moose, mt. lions) ... have to be happy we can buy good local eggs and have a big garden.

Morgan said...

Thanks for stopping by.

I have spoken to Dad tonight and he is very tired from the flight, and the travelling, and is very glad to be home.

Love your blog, and impressed with your shopping success at the $100 a week challenge. Well done - I should try harder here.