Friday, 5 February 2010

Hospitals in Antigua

There are apparently only two of them (hospitals in Antigua) and the one that has got Dad is the smaller, private one, with 18 beds. He is in a single, en-suite room, with all mod cons, I hear. The telephone reception is good and I have spoken with him and MB each day. The doctors are treating him well, and he is hoping to be coming home in 2 or 3 more days.

I have been in touch with the medical assistance company which the insurance company instructs, and they are dealing most efficiently with the claim, liaising with the hospital, the GP in this country and P&O too. There is some question over just how much of the care and expenses that they are prepared to pay for now as it seems that one of the conditions which is causing the problems was a pre-existing one. Having asked Dad about it, he says that his doctor didn't tell him that it was a different condition or that it was anything to worry about. That could be an expensive time for him, or us as it transpires now that his cards are in his wallet, in his trouser pocket, packed into a suitcase which P&O are delivering back to the UK ie it is still on the blinking boat and not available for use!!!

I'll be having a day off from ringing them tomorrow as we are organising another Songs of Praise at church for tomorrow evening. This weekend is the Chapel Anniversary, so we had a coffee morning today and raised £180 towards some damp-proofing work.

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Varis Creations said...

Glad to hear that your dad is in safe hands and on the mend. Say hello to the fen family for me!