Thursday, 18 February 2010

Another good day

It was good overall although it had its ups and downs.

The YFG wanted to go ice skating in Peterborough this week, so since I could combine the trip with a work-related pickup there, I took her today. The biggest down of the day was that on arrival at Planet Ice, the car park was absolutely fit to burst (it HAD burst - all over the double yellows out front, into the neighbouring car parks, etc) and there was a very long queue snaking out the door. We gave it a miss. I did the work pickup and then we headed off to Hampton as she had some money she wanted to spend on a new purse.

The EFG spent the afternoon at home, although she invited a friend round and they played on the Wii and watched a DVD. I was glad to get home to the fire at 4.30pm.

This evening's meal has been chicken curry and then a concoction made from slightly stale ginger cake, a banana and some banana-flavoured Angel Delight. Another No Spend Day for me and the household budget, so I was pleased.

This challenge is also going to teach us some patience: the girls are keen for me to pre-order the New Moon DVD in the Twilight series which will come out on March 22nd, but I am holding out until after the end of the challenge. I had to pass over two books I would have loved to have bought in WHSmith today, so it is not all a breeze!

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