Monday, 22 February 2010

Still going strong!

We have come through the weekend without spending anything from the £100 budget so I am pleased. I have spent both days watching a gymnastic training course for coaches in Peterborough, so my opportunities for spending were limited anyway!!

There is a "spend" happening tonight but I'm not making it and it is not coming out of my £100.....yesterday the FH made Toad in the Hole whilst I was out, and although I specifically said not to use my wheat-free flour, that is exactly what he did use, and I was fuming when I found out, for two reasons - I had only half a bag left and wanted to make it last as long as I could AND it costs so much more than the normal flour I buy: compare Dove's Farm wheat free flour at £1.88 a kilo, to Sainsbury's or Tesco Value at 43p for 1.5kg and you see that it is horrendously expensive compared to the usual wheat flour. SO I have asked him to replace the Dove's Farm flour for me.

I got up at 5am to make the scones for the dance on Saturday, so I managed to complete on that promise. I split and buttered them when I got home in the evening. Putting a chicken in the slow cooker meant that the FH just had to do some veggies and we had a hot meal almost ready when the YFG and I got home at 5.30pm. The dance was great, but the girls and I left at 9.30pm as we had another early start yesterday. The FH and UJ stayed until about 11pm and came home with three raffle prizes between them - a basket of fruit, chocolates and some bath items.

Sunday was fine until we got into town to pick up the people we were taking to Peterborough with us and it started to snow heavily - and continued all the way there, getting heavier and the roads seeming to be untreated, especially in Peterborough; I breathed a huge sigh of relief when we parked at the gym eventually! The relief was all the more when we came out at 4pm and found all the snow melted away and bright sunshine everywhere.

Today has been good so far as I have done some catching up on the housework and laundry, been to a church meeting this afternoon to the Worship Leaders course - the last meeting for that, so we were told we had passed and given a certificate! The FH has now taken the EFG off to band practice, the YFG has her friend here and they are watching a DVD upstairs, so I am thinking of cooking the tea soon. I just have an 8pm Education Foundation meeting tonight and that will be that. Just got a little ironing to do now whilst I watch the news and then I'll start on the tea.


Varis Creations said...

Well done with the challenge so far and baking all those scones! We have yet more snow up in the frozen north and most days it is struggling to get above freezing so its not going anywhere either. The novelty wore off long ago - we have had about 4 snow free days since before Christmas - which is unheard of, we rarely have any. It's seriously impeding OH's landscaping jobs so its just as well we are not relying on his income.

Anyway look forward to hearing how you get on with your challenge. Say hello to the rest of the fen family for me.

Morgan said...

Hello you! Had begun to think I was talking to myself, not that that would really bother me, but it is great to know you are popping in!!

Wishing we were closer so we could come and stay in the self-catering house - looks absolutely fabulous! You must have worked so hard, the pair of you - well done.

Love to you all. xxx