Tuesday, 23 February 2010

First shop and the menu planning

Today I did a menu plan for the coming week, based mainly on what I know is in the freezers and cupboards.

Today: Lasagne for the gang and a shepherd's pie variation for me
Wed: Fish pie/fish and veg for me
Thursday: HM Chicken nuggets and wedges/Chicken curry and rice
Friday: Pie and veg/Leftover curry for me
Saturday: Toad in the Hole/Sausages with veg
Sunday: Roast Chicken
Monday: Macaroni cheese/Leftovers

You can see from that that we are all basically eating the same thing with some slight modifications for me, to accommodate the dietary restrictions I have. Puddings are occasional and usually crumbles or quick microwave sponge puds. The EFG made Angel Delight again for a treat tonight, but that is that and there won't be any more for a while!

Breakfast - we are not a cereal family:
The EFG usually has toast, the FH has porridge or fruit, I usually have fruit or occasionally porridge, and the YFG is a challenge to get to eat much - it varies between toasted cheese sandwiches, eggy bread, bacon sandwiches (when there is any bacon), toast, and sometimes scrambled egg or a boiled egg. I do sometimes make pancakes for everyone, too.

Lunches - the packed lunches are basic - sandwich, HM cake or biscuit, fruit, and a drink. Sometimes they want a carrot, or some popcorn as an alternative or as an extra if they are feeling hungry! At home, we eat soup, leftovers or baked potatoes usually.

We were running out of fresh fruit and veg so I have had to go shopping tonight when we came out of gym. I bought:

2 Savoy cabbages @ 50p each
2.4kg carrots for £1.50
2 large heads of broccoli for £1.50 (670g altogether)
2 bags clementines for £3
1kg of parsnips for 70p (reduced)
Bag of apples £1.54
Mushrooms 79p
Rashers of back bacon £2
Pkt Rocky bars £1
Total spent £13.03 - total remaining £86.97

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