Wednesday, 3 February 2010

More from the Oriana

The latest news on the patient last night was that he had been out of bed, the wires are all removed so he is free from drips and stuff like that, although he is still using a heart monitor most of the time. Temperature and BP are normal, and he had had fish and chips for his lunch, probably a low-fat version, and had been watching TV. The doctor on board seems to want him and MB to get off today in Antigua to go to the hospital there so that Dad can see a cardiologist.

MB sounded a lot calmer last night about the whole idea of staying in Antigua as she has been reassured that P&O will arrange everything and they will not be left to make their own arrangements. I am supposing that P&O must have plans in place for such eventualities so there must be people in the ports who help people in these situations. Anyway, we will know today what is going to happen. Apparently, if Dad insists on staying on board and coming home that way, he will have to sign a disclaimer to the effect that he undertakes this next part of the journey at his own risk, having had the dangers explained to him.

Apart from the dramas at sea, life goes on here: gym last night for the YFG and I whilst the EFG and the FH went to the EFG's Options Evening at school to find out more about the choices available to her for her GCSEs. Today she has orchestra after school, and the YFG has art club, so I have more time to do things before picking them up at 4.15 and 4.30pm.

I had better go and get ready to take the YFG to school now - cold and frosty start here this morning, so the car will need defrosting!!

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