Monday, 29 June 2009

Getting hot, hot, hot!

The heat is really on here this week - temperatures of over 28 degrees are making life challenging as we are trying to keep all the poultry and animals hydrated and in as much shade as possible.

All the tomato plants are out in the new troughs, and the garden is looking good!

The YFG has gone to an Inter-village Athletics tournament this afternoon, which is worrying me a little, in this heat, but she has a hat, plenty of water and some factor 50+ suncream so I am hoping that she will be fine. It is also school sports day here tomorrow so she will be out in it all again then. I know one girl in her class who has been reported as having sunstroke/heatstroke on the village grapevine, so we have to be very careful. Trouble is that we are just not used to these temperatures!

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