Monday, 8 June 2009

More chicks here

The three hens who have been patiently sitting on the Orpington eggs have been rewarded with chicks. One has at least 5, one has two that we have seen and we have seen three with the third hen, so that makes a total of 10 definite hatchlings. There may be more as we didn't poke around under the hens, so we will have to wait until later today or tomorrow when they bring them out properly to feed and drink in the runs. There were 24 eggs to begin with, but I know that a few got broken to start with when the hens were settling onto the eggs, so I think we have about a 50% success rate with these. We are pleased, anyway - 10 more chicks on the "farm" is a success in itself.

So, in total at the moment, there are the 10 described above, three six-week-old Buff Orpington chicks and the two month-old Silver Wyandotte bantam chicks - who are getting their grown-up plumage now and are so gorgeous!


Greentwinsmummy said...

Cor your place is a veritable hatchery! how many birds will this bring you to in total now?Hubby here is going to have to move building another coop to the top of the list sharpish methinks...its getting crowded in the broody coop as they are growing so fast!

Morgan said...

Quick count! Mmmmm. 42 and a turkey!

The FH is frequently asked to knock up another house for something, but he isn't keen! We keep "making do" and mending, which is good for the environment, I suppose. Our chicken coops are not the Rolls-Royces of the poultry world, but they do the job, which is all I can ask.

AND I am going to fetch a dozen eggs for the incubator tomorrow! If half hatch, I'll be very pleased.