Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Eggs hatching

I am holding my breath with the anticipation! The eggs in the very cheap ebay incubator are beginning to hatch! Before I get too excited, all I mean by that is that tonight I have seen that two of the ten eggs are cracked - one has a definite peck-shaped crack, and the other has more of a linear crack - but they are cracking!!!!! There must be chicks in there........can't wait for morning!

I am so chuffed with this, as this is our very first attempt with an incubator. I was very tempted to pay a fortune for a "proper" Brinsea incubator, about £99, until I came across someone on ebay selling these "home-made" incubators for £24.99.....yes, £24.99! It is just a polystyrene box, with a thermostat, a halogen bulb and a tiny fan, into which you pop a thermometer. It would hold about a dozen hen's eggs, and it is absolutely great for the garden chicken keeper like me.

I'll be back with an update tomorrow - and I must sort the camera out!!!

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