Sunday, 14 June 2009

Swept away

The last few days have literally been swept away - the time has flown past and we have been busy. The gymnastics exam is now exactly a week away, so I am putting as much time as I can into reading, preparing and worrying! The garden is also needing a lot of time, as there are strawberries to pick, beans to encourage to grow upwards, sweet peas to pot up and put outside, chicks to watch and feed often, the grass needs mowing, etc. It goes on.....but I love it all. Inside the house, I am looking forward to watching some TV tonight (Kingdom because it is filmed in Norfolk, and then Hope Springs, because it is filmed and set in Scotland - both favoured places) whilst I do some ironing.

The FH has taken the girls to Wicksteed park in Kettering today for an outing and to give me some peaceful time to work on the gym stuff. They love Wicksteed and always have a great time there. The FH and EFG went to church first and the YFG and I packed them all a picnic so they went as soon as church was finished. The FH was all for missing church and getting there earlier but the EFG has a friend who is moving to Devon this week so she wanted to go to church so that she could say goodbye to her properly.

They'll be home for tea by 7pm, so I am cooking a roast for then - it will be cooler by then - we are having another scorching day here today.

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