Thursday, 25 June 2009

Tomatoes are go!

The new tomato troughs finally got made today. We bought two old pallet boxes for £3.50 each and we recycled them into four lovely new tomato troughs. The FH made them this morning and then I painted them with Cuprinol this afternoon (and got a bit surnburned in the process) so they are ready to get the tomatoes planted in them at last. I would have got that done tonight, but my dad came to visit. We already have 13 plants out from last weekend's gardening, and I put four tumbling plants into a hanging basket yesterday evening.

The peas and bean plants are doing well although the lack of rain means that watering is a major job each day. Got to keep at it! I will be able to put some photos up here this weekend as we have unearthed the camera charger, so it is busy tonight charging the battery - there will be photos of the chicks for sure. Long overdue, too!

Tomorrow I am going on a school trip to a bird of prey centre with the YFG's class, and then it will be gym, so there will not be time to check in tomorrow - I'll be back with the piccies at the weekend.

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