Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Just catching my breath!

Yesterday was just one of those days! We went up to near Long Sutton to fetch the Light Sussex eggs to put into the incubator, and then we had some other bits and pieces to pick up on the way home. There is a good shop called "Else's" near Wisbech which sells all sorts of things at very reasonable prices - from furniture, mattresses, dining tables etc, through to timber and felt as well as garden items like slate for landscaping, seeds, plant pots, and hose connectors, for example, and then there is a load of other stuff - wallpaper, DIY, kitchen items - there can't be much they don't sell. Anyway, the FH picked up some lovely lengths of wood, and I spent a little on garden items like wallflower seeds, pea nets, twine, etc and a few freezer boxes for freezing portions of food. We don't go there often, thank goodness. We also called in at Tesco on the way home for some icing sugar and squash. Eventually we got home, grabbed some late lunch, unloaded the car, discovered we had sold something on ebay so packed that and took it to the post office, and then I had to get changed, pick up the YFG and head off to gymnastics.........and then a friend had the cheek to say I looked shattered when I got there. She wasn't far wrong.

Today has been a bit slower, thankfully. I have pottered in the garden, picked some more lovely strawberries, spent more than a few minutes watching my adorable chicks, been out and sold some books, and then got home to entertain visitors for a few hours. Tea was leftover from last night, so that wasn't hard to make, and then I have been doing some gym paperwork ready for a meeting with the Head Coach tomorrow. I have to produce a logbook for this exam, so there is quite a lot to get ready.

I have set the eggs in the incubator tonight. They will be turned three times a day at 10pm, 6am and 2pm. There are 10 of them in there - unfortunately two of them turned out to be cracked when I looked at them carefully last night and I can't be sure that they weren't cracked by us on the way home. The chap didn't give us a suitable egg box as he gave us one that only holds 10 eggs, so the lid was open and two were loose in the lid - needless to say, those are the two that are now cracked. The FH ate those for his breakfast scramble, but they were exceedingly expensive scrambled eggs!

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