Monday, 22 June 2009

Ups and downs

I am still on a high from the exam pass yesterday and can't quite believe it, but then I have had two niggly things happen today which have not been so pleasant. One is a complaint about something I sold on ebay, so I am going to have to refund the person and also refund her postage to send it back, which is the right thing to do but the item was in tip-top condition when it left here so I am interested to see what it looks like when it gets back. The other thing is me taking offence where none is meant, but it still niggles me:

A neighbour on the estate was talking to the FH about tomato plants and where to buy them and me having 50 odd here, I took her three as a gift. As a surprise thank-you, she brought a cake round yesterday whilst I was out. The FH, girls and my uncle polished it off over supper last night, and I sent the YFG back with the plate after school this afternoon. I asked her to say thanks very much for the cake and that "Dad" had enjoyed it so could we have the recipe please? The YFG came back and said that she had said, no, it was a secret family recipe. To me, that is just plain silly. I'll give anybody a recipe anytime, as I am happy for them to get the enjoyment out of making something for themselves if they have liked the cake/biscuit or whatever when I have made it for them. How does sharing the recipe diminish her family's enjoyment in any way? Does another family eating that cake mean that when they eat it, it tastes any the less delicious? I am puzzled - if you don't share recipes, help me understand why?

The weekend really took the stuffing out of me and I have had two naps today - about four hours sleep in addition to a good night last night. I am still tired and may have another snooze tomorrow. I have done a few jobs in the garden in between - planted some tomato plants out in the troughs in the sunniest part of the garden, strimmed round a couple of the raised beds, and pottered in general. Inside the house, I have still got a little ironing to fix, and there will be washing to do tomorrow as the machine is now fixed - £45 for a nice chap to come and take some coins, hairgrips and nails out of the pipe.......still, I had thought that the pump had failed and that would have been £49 for the part alone, so I shall have to check pockets more thoroughly - lesson learned.

One of the rabbits is sick - he seems to have snuffles, which we had a rabbit die from the other year, so we are dosing him with some antibiotic and keeping him inside. Its highly contagious so we have to be very careful with hygiene between touching him and the other rabbits outside. He has not gone downhill as fast as the last one which had it, so we are hoping that the meds are helping and that he may make it.


Greentwinsmummy said...

Coo thats wierd about the recipe isnt it,if anyone was to ask me I would share lol I cant be doing with folks who get all mysterious over things.Hope you caught up on some sleep,I napped so much when I was pregnant,I think I knew it would be the last time I did it for many a year lol!!

Morgan said...

Yes - I only got the chance to nap because the girls were at school, there's no chance when they are at home! They prod me too much if they even find me dozing in a chair, so I just don't. As for the recipe issue, so pleased to find someone who agrees with me, so I don't feel that I am the only one who thinks its weird...