Thursday, 4 June 2009

Incubator is here

Yes, the postman brought the parcel this morning. We opened it and checked that it was all there, and we have read the instructions. It is now set up in the spare bedroom, turned on with a thermometer inside it to get it set to the right temperature. If if holds that temperature, we're in business, so to speak. I have arranged to get a dozen Light Sussex large fowl eggs on Tuesday next week and we will have a go with them.

Today has been a No Spend Day - good! And I am aiming for many more. I have already fetched tomorrow's dinner in from the freezer, and I noticed that there is no more bread, so I think I will make some tomorrow, partly inspired by GTM's post about baking bread and partly because I have about 7 bags of bread flour!

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Greentwinsmummy said...

Hullo there! happy baking! I checked my manual about holes in bread from the paddle,it just refers to the paddle sticking in the bread which means you have to dig it out which leaves a great hole lol,that can be avoided by adding 10~20ml extra water,it says some flours are heavier & absorb more,hope that helps :o)

I am doing very little in the way of shopping at the moment,we have run down one chest freezer & half way through another lol,waiting for that great glut to fill it all up again yay!
Your uncle sounds a great chap :o),it wasnt so long ago thats how every one lived,it astonishes me that so much has changed so fast & now we have 2 generations who honestly think cooking a meal is opening a packet....

GTM x x x