Monday, 8 June 2009

A bountiful garden is a blessing

Tonight I have taken delivery of a big carrier bag of potatoes, another holding four cabbages and a large tray holding several pounds (maybe as much as 8 or 10) of strawberries - all from my uncle's garden. What with the broad beans from our own garden and those cabbages, we're set for greens for this week, and all those strawberries! Well, some will just get eaten, and some will get frozen for later. We just can't eat that many all at once, and we don't like strawberry jam for some reason, which maybe that we find it a little too sweet - we do like strawberry and gooseberry together, but I don't have any goosegogs at the moment. I can still do that later, by defrosting and mixing them together when I do get some of the little green, hairy bullets!!

The hens which are laying have settled into producing about a dozen a day, which I can cope with, thank goodness. We have more cucumbers ripening, more beans coming on, some spring greens of our own which will soon be ready, and there are loads of lettuces to savour - the FH loves a cheese and lettuce sandwich at bedtime - I think that the sedative effect of the lettuce counteracts the cheese and so it doesn't keep him awake. The runner beans and dwarf beans are also looking a lot better after the soaking the rain gave them last night.

The mama hens brought out their babies later this afternoon, when it was warmer, and we have a successful count of 10 - brings our total poultry count to 43 if we include the turkey. Good job I already have the DEFRA registration as if the next lot of eggs hatch successfully, I will be back over the 50 mark again!!!

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