Thursday, 20 November 2008

Winter winds are coming

and the children are so excited at the thought that there might be snow tomorrow. The TV weather forecasters have been telling us all week of an "arctic blast" of air coming down from the north this weekend, and of snow showers. The YFG is hopeful, so hopeful, that there will be enough snow for a snowman that she has written a story tonight about a huge award-winning snowman that she and her friend plan to build! I think that the snow might look more like a sprinkling of icing sugar than the drifts that she is imagining....

I personally dread snow because of the misery it can cause on the roads - I am just plain scared of driving in snow, and actively avoid it if I can. I got caught in it one night driving from St Andrews back to Cupar in Scotland and it was horribly frightening. I was only about 22 or so, and relatively inexperienced at driving in snow - and I was alone in the car with no one to advise me. I crawled home and vowed never to go out in it again. I am happy to walk in it, throw the odd snowball, and watch it fall but that is about the limit of my enthusiasm for the white stuff.

I plan to bake tomorrow so I am going to go to bed now and take along a couple of recipe books for inspiration for baking!

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