Thursday, 27 November 2008

Chocolate galore!

The party last night went well - there were just enough chairs as not all the guests were able to come. Enough came and bought chocolate to get me about £27 worth of free chocs though - although none are actually for me to eat: some are for the FH and girls and a few are for gifts. All the guests seemed to enjoy it, and the Phoenix card lady also sold quite a lot of cards, so she was pleased too.

Both of the FGs are at school today although the EFG had rather a rush to get ready as I went back to sleep after the alarm and then didn't wake up until 7.40 and she has to get the bus at 8, so we rushed and ran and she made it! The YFG wasn't keen to go but she has gone, with the promise of going into town afterwards to get her new boots for the winter. Her feet are so wide that there weren't any in the shop in her size last week and so the manager agreed to order some in for her to try. They are in and so she is itching to get in there and buy some!

I have been to the scrapbooking and card making workshop this morning. It has been fun, and now I am waiting for a customer to come to look at some books, then I have to pack the car ready to go to a booksale this evening. The FH is suffering from his cold and so he is wrapped up and watching the TV. Tonight's supper will be a recipe called "Sticky Chicken" which the girls love - chicken drumsticks coated in a sticky sauce, served with rice and veggies. That will go in the Remoska and cook in about 45 minutes, between coming back from town with the boots and nipping off to the booksale!

Hope you are all having a good day.

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