Thursday, 6 November 2008

Time has flown - again!

And I haven't been here since Monday! And the week is nearing its close already.....where have we been?!

Monday was school, band practice, shopping, and chicken curry for tea. Tuesday was gymnastics after school, then tea, bath and bed, and yesterday was a big one - so much went on. I went to school for a 9.15am meeting, stood around till 9.30 to find that the meeting has been postponed and I hadn't been told. Then I dashed off to town to get change, pay a bill and do a little bit of shopping. The YFG was excited about school as she was having the Bonfire Day special school lunch, and was so looking forward to that. She enjoyed it and told everyone all about it several times. When I picked her up from school, we came home to find that the FH had forgotten to take the EFG's kit bag with him to pick her up for her exercise class, so we had to go haring off to catch him up. When we got back, the YFG's friend came round to play and stay for tea. I made them pasta in cheese, garlic and ham sauce, followed by chocolate cake (menu of their choice) and then cooked for the FH and I later. The friend's parents came to pick her up at about 7.15pm and told us that they might be moving. That saddened me as I am beginning to think of the mum as a friend, and the YFG gets on so well with the little girl that it will be a shame to see them move away, although they don't seem to be planning to go too far.

This morning, I have been packing books into the trailer again for the big East of England Christmas Festival at Peterborough. This is a three day show so we are going there this afternoon to set up the stall and then we have to trade 9-5 over the Friday, Saturday and Sunday. This is a huge show and we have had a stall there every year since it began about 5 years ago. The FGs will be staying with my sister for the weekend, so they will be having a little break from home too.

Must remember to take the camera so that I can take photos again - the stall will be different this time as we have neighbours in a shell scheme so we can't have the end open....not entirely sure what I am planning, but hoping it works OK!!

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