Wednesday, 26 November 2008

Calm before the storm

I am feeling surprisingly calm right now, which is weird given the amount of rushing around and tidying that I am about to embark upon. The EFG has gone to school, worried lest she has missed a lot of work and about how to catchup with it all. Thank goodness that she has agreed to wear the winter coat that I got her from Asda - a fab black three-quarter length black coat, with some wool in it, for just £15, so I got myself one as well. The YFG is still tucked up in bed this morning and I am hoping that she stays there for at least another hour as she has been coughing a lot in the night and can't have had much sleep. She is going to help me to do a bit of tidying later when she gets up, she says!

The roast chicken lunch was lovely yesterday, and the girls had chicken rolls for their tea as well. There is still a large leg left, which will probably be the FH's lunch today, although I may pinch a bit for the YFG to have another roll before it all goes. The FH has indeed come down with the cold, but he is going out this morning to deliver some books for me, and taking his friend with him for the ride. They are going out near Ely so will no doubt be seeing the floodwaters on the Welney washes and commenting on the amount of water so early in the winter.

I have got a small mountain of washing to get done, but I am not planning to try to tackle it today as I don't want wet washing around tonight and the weather is not looking conducive to getting it dry outside today, although if it brightens up later, I may do a load to hang under the verandah.

I am planning an electricity challenge! I want to take meter readings every day for a week, find our average daily usage that week and then aim to cut it down then next week. I can't do that with the water meter as I can't get at the meter to read it as it is down a hole in the pavement outside the house; I don't have the tool to lift the lid with, either. We already do OK with water, so I am going to concentrate on electricity for now - we are paying £58 a month to our supplier at the moment, and I am sure that they are itching to put it up further! I will be starting this at the weekend.

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