Saturday, 1 November 2008

Pampering day for the girls!

At lunchtime today, the girls and I loaded up the car with a couple of boxes of craft and cookery books, and went to a local village hall for the afternoon. The Guiding group are trying to recruit some local leaders and they organised a craft, pamper and healthy eating afternoon for the ladies of the area. It was fun! My book stall was sandwiched between my sister's Pampered Chef stall and a scrapbooking lady that I know, so I had someone to chat with on either side, so that although we didn't do a huge amount of business, we still had a good afternoon. The FGs were trying out all the pampering ideas on offer - the YFG had her nails painted and a mini-facial, then they both made a decorative box with a soap maker and a Christmas card with the scrapbooking lady.

Apart from that, we have had a restful sort of day - all the washing and ironing is up to date, and the housework can wait until Monday when the FGs are back at school.

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