Friday, 28 November 2008

Addition to the flock

Yes, we have another chicken! This is a bantam which is from the same clutch of eggs as the Dutch bantam which we have already got, and I have posted pictures of in the past. This "new" Dutch bantam is one of a group of three that we gave to a friend, and the other two have passed on for one reason or another, so this one was lonely on her own and has come home to roost with us. At the moment, she is in a pen on her own, but she will be integrated eventually with the others. She has different colouring from the other one, in that her feathering shows more brownish tones. I will take photos when it gets brighter outside, but it is dull, grey and misty here this morning.

The FGs are off to school and the FH is resting in a hot bath at the moment. He has not had a good night's sleep with his cold, and has been quite restless. He finally gave up and got up to make some tea at 6.45 am, and brought me a cup, which was a change as usually it is me who is getting up first and bringing him tea. I think that he may sleep again this morning as he has to go out this afternoon. The YFG is going round to a friend's house after school and then I will meet up with her at gymnastics tonight as the little girl also comes to gym tonight, so that is working out very well. The EFG will have to be picked up from school instead of coming home on the bus as by the time she got here on the bus, there would be no one here. I will get her and drop her off with the FH where he will be selling books this afternoon as that is on my way to gym. I hate November as much as I love it as it throws up all sorts of complicated arrangements and makes life so challenging! But it is the month when we do so much business that we can't afford to stick our heads in the sand and ignore it! Nearly over, though!

In my brief intro in the sidebar, I said that I am overweight - well, I am not as overweight as I was! I am now down to 148lbs, and so pleased!!! I need to lose a little more as I am only 5ft 4in tall, but it is a huge step in the right direction. I will post an update when I have achieved more.

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