Sunday, 23 November 2008

Coughs and colds

The girls have both got a bad chest at the moment - the EFG is much the worse at the moment and has had a temperature today as well as a hacking cough. She was awake a lot in the night last night as well, and is not up to going to school tomorrow. I have had her snuggled up under a duvet on the sofa for much of the day, watching TV, reading and playing on her DS. The YFG is not as ill at the moment, but she is not 100% either as she has the cough and has been complaining of a headache today. Not sure what tomorrow will hold for her - she wants to go to school because she has a school dinner booked, and she likes to have that once a week treat, but we will have to assess her health in the morning.

I have had an interesting day, pootling around and getting a few things done. I made beef casserole and dumplings for tea but because they are all feeling a little ill, none of them had a huge appetite and there is enough of the steak and gravy left to go into a steak pie tomorrow. I also made apple batter last night when I had the oven on for the pizza and that is being eaten slowly - it smells gorgeous when I heat it up a portion at a time in the microwave - a real hit of cinnamon which makes the kitchen smell wonderful.

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