Monday, 3 November 2008

More baking.......

The YFG loves the slabs of walnut cake that you can buy in supermarkets - it was on offer the other week in Sainsbury's at 2 for £2, but they are not very substantial slabs. My gannets eat the slab and look for more in a few minutes! However, looking for a recipe for a walnut cake like this is like looking for the proverbial needle in a haystack. Coffee and walnut, date and walnut, etc - it seems that there are 101 recipes for combinations involving walnuts but nothing out there for a cake using only the solitary walnut. I looked and looked - then I gave up and concocted my own. I now make very finely chopped walnuts in the food processor, make a loaf tin sponge batter and then fold in the walnuts at the last minute - and it works! This is the second time that I have made it, and the FGs and FH love it. It is also, as you can see, a very substantial cake and it takes some eating - well, it lasts a couple of days instead of 10 minutes, so that is an improvement.

And then there was the bread in the Remoska. I thought I would use the same recipe but make rolls instead of mini-loaves this time, and it is a huge success. The 8 rolls nestled nicely in the Remoska pan, and cooked in about half an hour. They tore apart well, and the tops are crusty. Four are waiting to go into the lunches tomorrow and four are in the freezer. And this is SLOW bread - I started the dough at about 10am, left it to rise until nearly 2pm, knocked it back and shaped it into the rolls and left it again, and then baked it at about 3.45pm. It didn't seem to take much hands-on time at all, and it was very forgiving in that it didn't mind being left quite a long time in between kneading and knocking back. This is bread as it should be!!

Doesn't that look great?!

Happy baking, everyone!

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