Saturday, 29 November 2008


We didn't get them in town on Thursday and the YFG was SO disappointed. We went to the shop and tried on the two pairs that the manager had ordered in for the YFG to try, but neither pair was any good at all. She came home in the depths of despair, it seemed. Yesterday, I started phoning places - a friend told me about a shoe shop in Peterborough which specialises in wide and narrow fitting shoes, but when I called them for directions, the chap said that they were closing down. I then started on Google - and found a couple of local-ish shops stocking a wider variety of brands, and had a lovely chat with Tracy at Smiths Footwear in Downham Market. She was very helpful and we have been to the shop this afternoon and we HAVE BOOTS! The staff were patient and kind with the YFG, very informative and helpful, and I cannot recommend them more highly. The huge beam of a smile on the YFG's face was well worth the trip over there, and we got some other shopping whilst we were there. DM is a lovely town, with independent retailers as well as a few chain stores, but it has a great atmosphere - I do wish we lived there sometimes, but the occasional trek over there keeps me happy.

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The Mom said...

Glad you found the boots!

Downham Market IS lovely. From time to time, I visit the websites of DM estate agents, just to dream.

In fact, our Sunday family meal tomorrow is going to be Thai food, a recipe similar to something I used to eat at the Thai restaurant in DM.