Sunday, 16 November 2008

Happy day

I have enjoyed today, in a variety of ways. It started with a long lie-in this morning - I didn't wake up till past nine and the YFG sneaked in to the bed for a cuddle before we got up. We had some breakfast together and then I helped the FH to pack some books in to the car so that he could take the FGs off to do a booksale for me this afternoon. It was about an hour away, and they would be travelling over lunchtime, so I packed them some sandwiches and snacks to munch on during the afternoon. They left here at about 11.30 and I started pottering around the house.

I picked things up and put them away; I sorted laundry and did numerous loads of washing - some got dry, some didn't - I am hoping for a good drying day tomorrow! I made bread a different way: I made enough dough for three loaves and mixed in a very old Kenwood Chef that my aunt gave me years ago. It saves some of the work of the kneading but I then turn the dough out onto the worksurface and knead it myself as well. Then I separate the dough into three balls and put them to rise in the loaf tins - for ages! They rose over a period of about 3 hours, and I didn't knock them back any further but just cooked them, and they are lovely loaves of white bread. Last week I bought an electric slicing machine (Kenwood). It makes very short work of slicing the loaves, so that I can now produce home-made sliced white bread which I am storing in the freezer until we need it.

I also did some baking, but I wanted to make something different from those recipes which I have been using lately. So, I made a fruitcake for the FH which I don't make that often because he has to eat it all himself as the FGs don't like dried fruits in general. I also made some custard cookies, the recipe for which came from on the forums. It is a recipe which uses icing sugar instead of caster sugar and then adds custard powder to the flour. The cookies came out very golden in colour which I suppose is down to the yellowness of the custard powder, but the testers said that they taste good. I would double the recipe next time I make it though, so that I could freeze some. Lastly, I made a chocolate tray bake which was in honour of the FH's birthday tomorrow. I will be working tomorrow evening so we had a singsong tonight and wished him a very Happy Birthday for tomorrow.

The FGs and FH returned home at about 5.45pm and had had a good afternoon of sales. Sometimes these little sales can not be as profitable as one would wish, but this one had been good and they came home happy! I was pleased for them, and for me, as when the FH has a bad sale, he can be rather grumpy!!

Today has been relaxed and enjoyable for me because I have been doing things that I enjoy, and I have had some peaceful time to myself. It was refreshing, and I feel better able to get on with the week ahead! It should be available on prescription!!

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