Thursday, 14 June 2012

We've been inspired!

 The EFG has had a study day at home today, and after doing one too many past papers, her brain needed a break, so she made these little beauties this afternoon, inspired by a picture at a blog called Geek Sweets.  She made tiny mini cakes, but I think they look fab.  Tonight we are going to visit a friend who has just had a baby so I think she plans to take a few along for the family.

 Here's a closer picture of one of them - the tiny marshmallows do look like popcorn!

 And I have been totally inspired by Elaine at MFin3 to try her Curry in a Hurry recipe.
I was lucky in that the local Holland and Barrett have larger packets of the spices and they were on BOGOF so I have plenty for future curry sessions - the FH will be pleased!!

 And this is also inspired by the MFin3 website - home made vanilla essence!  This is not quite as instant as buying a bottle from the shop but the savings are there to be had.  

And all it took was a small bottle of vodka and two vanilla pods.  And lots of time!  It will have to be shaken regularly, and left to mature in a dark place, alongside the sloe gin (which is maturing Very Nicely Indeed!).  

We're off to see the baby now, but curry sauce making will commence on our return.

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