Sunday, 17 June 2012

Bloggers for #shareniger

Clicking on the button at the top right of the blog will take you through to a post at Patch of Puddles, where you can read all about the project Merry is running to sponsor children in Niger through WorldVision.

The usual sponsoring system is a substantial contribution but Merry has organised us to each contribute just one quarter of the amount needed to sponsor a child, which is much more manageable.  The project to date is able to sponsor 8 children, and is aiming to get enough support to manage the ninth as well.

Thinking about the whole situation of these children and their mothers in Niger is heartbreaking, and £6 a month is a small commitment for me to make - and I have promised to do it for a year.  That is all Merry asked.  £6 can make such a difference for them, and for me, it is not going to break the bank - it isn't in the budget yet though!!

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Sian To said...

Thank you so much for supporting #ShareNiger. x