Saturday, 23 June 2012

Strawberry success

After the usual gymnastics this morning, we had to give Ballet a miss this afternoon and head home quickly to help at the Strawberry Tea at the chapel.  About forty tickets had been sold so we were expecting a good few folk to come along, enjoy a good sing song session with a local musical act, and then tuck in to lots of tasty sweet and savoury treats, with strawberry as the main theme of the puddings!

The children at the chapel, including the YFG, took part by singing some of their favourite hits by Christina Perry, Adele and others whose names escape me.  The YFG and her friend also played their piano pieces from their exams yesterday - the friend did Grade 2 and the YFG Grade 1 yesterday afternoon at the same exam centre nearby.

The actual act were a husband and wife team who really entertained and got the atmosphere moving!  One old chap of ninety said it was the best "do" he had been to in fifty years...I was delighted that he enjoyed it so much.  My dad came over for the afternoon and was pleased to see his granddaughters involved - the EFG was the musical director of the girls' group and in charge of the arrangements.

The event raised £200 in profit, which was an excellent start to our efforts.

I am giving a lot of thought to the recipe book plans, which will take some work.  I am especially grateful to those of you who have sent supportive messages and emails, including some recipes already.  Thank you!

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