Monday, 25 June 2012

A drive in the Fens

I have been to the far north of the circuit tonight for a preachers' meeting, and I have had the most lovely evening - the drive there was through the fields and the roads were lined with hedgerows, so I saw a few pheasants peeping through, and some kind of bird of prey, perhaps a small hawk, at the side of the road, attacking some carrion.  It was very brave, or else just dedicated to its meal, as it didn't flinch as the car passed within inches of it.

The meeting passed very calmly and reflectively, with prayers and devotions at the beginning, and then the business of the meeting.  The chairman of the meeting was one of the circuit ministers, but not one I have ever seen lead a service or a meeting before, and it was moving how he spoke and prayed for some preachers who have recently died.  I would like to attend some of his services before he retires next summer.

The ride home was beautiful.  The part of the Fens I went to is quite picturesque, and I half wished we lived up there - I passed by houses with orchards, where sheep are grazing under the trees, wee veg plots by the side of the road, and more than a few cheeky brown rabbits nibbling on a front lawn.  The biggest treats were saved for me, though, when I was nearly home, when a fox crossed the road in front of me and leaped into a ditch, and not half a mile farther on, I saw the glorious sight of a barn owl swooping along, following the line of a ditch.

I have had an amazing night, with great company, and wonderful views and sights - and all completely free!  How blessed have I been tonight?!

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