Thursday, 28 June 2012

Spending time

The FH is planning to go to see one of his older friends tomorrow afternoon - he is going to pick up two other older gentlemen and they are all going to the house of the fourth for afternoon tea, and a cake which I have been asked to provide.

So, what kind of cake do older gentlemen like?  The FH has suggested a sponge, but I have to admit that I am leaning towards a fruit cake, and I have found a new recipe I would like to try on one of the blogs in the blogroll.  Rationing Revisited has posted a fruit cake made with vinegar, and I am curious to try this....

I am encouraged that the FH is planning this and he has been facilitating more outings for these friends - none  of them have transport and rely on others to take them out and about.  I think it will be beneficial for the FH as much as it will be for them!  He brought them to the Strawberry Tea at the chapel on Saturday and they had a wonderful time and really enjoyed themselves - it made such a difference to their weekend!

I'll let you know how the cake turns out - I have all the ingredients in stock so it will be just a matter of baking it this morning.  I have a busy afternoon/evening - an appointment with the EFG an hour south of here at 4pm, a meeting for school from 6-8pm, then the EFG's art exhibition (I'll catch the last half hour), and finally picking up the YFG on her return from a trip to London today - she is going to see "The Woman in Black" with the drama department - they are due back about 9pm, apparently.  We saw the film sometime ago, and the play looks scary!


Angela said...

I have made a vinegar cake quite successfully in the past, when I had no eggs!
I DO know that 'for older gentlemen, never fill sponge cakes with raspberry jam. The pips may get under their dental plates' I read that somewhere YEARS ago, and it has stuck in my brain [like an irritating pip under a denture, I guess!]

Happy baking xx

Sals View said...

My aunty always used to make plum bread with vinegar in it. It is a dense fruit loaf, although basically a cake consistency. Delicious and a family favourite eaten buttered with a slice of cheese and apple.

Morgan said...

Angela - thanks for that tip - hadn't thought of that at all! If they do this again, I'll make them a sponge perhaps, but fill it with some buttercream which would probably be better!

SalsView - thanks for visiting - I am intrigued by the cake you describe as it sounds lovely - would you like to share the recipe sometime? Please?