Wednesday, 20 June 2012


That's the theory, courtesy of an educational establishment in Leeds.....

Trouble is, life gets in the way sometimes!  When there is no deadline to meet, those "C" jobs never quite make it to the top of the list.  Faced with short notice things to deal with at school, the regular commitments to gymnastics and church events, and the daily minutiae of laundry, housework and cooking, as well as transporting daughters from A to B, the coursework which is the Faith & Worship course has been sadly neglected.

Things have got to change.

In terms of priorities for me, that course is actually an A+ priority.  It needs to be elevated to the higher rankings of the lists on a weekly basis!  I had a meeting yesterday morning with the course tutor and we agreed that I will take a 3 month break beginning in September from taking services, and that I need to go elsewhere to actually do the studying - and where better to go than our own church?!  I have arranged with the steward that I will work in the church on Monday mornings - away from the distractions at home.

And then there is the fundraising....our church has to find a contribution of £600 a month for the next year to send to the main circuit funds as our share of supporting the local group of churches, called a circuit in the Methodist church.  All ideas are very welcome, as we are having a church brainstorming session tomorrow evening - this is going to be quite a challenge, as we have never had to raise this much before, and we are a small congregation of only about 15 people, with several children.

But first, tomorrow, I am hoping to find some new teachers for the school - a full day of interviewing and observing 5 candidates.  The chosen ones we take on have to be Good, not just the best we can find.  If we can't find Good ones, we won't appoint this time.  The right ones are out there somewhere, and we will just have to find them.  Exciting times indeed!


Wannabe Sybil said...

I love the theory of that chart, but sometimes you need to do c first before the house explodes or you do. How is the weather there? I was looking at your neck of the woods and it looks like you should be building an Ark! WS xxx

Morgan said...

If I didn't live in such a well drained area, I think I would have started building one by now!! It rained pretty solidly all night, and half the day too - and it was a down pour this morning, not just drizzle!