Monday, 18 June 2012

Feet up on Sunday

That list of jobs of Saturday afternoon got half done - the sermon had to get written to be delivered on Sunday morning, of course, and the washing did get hung to take advantage of the weather.  But the curry in a hurry?  Seems I wasn't in that much of a hurry to battle with chopping another couple of pounds of onions....but that is still on the list to do.  The front lawn still needs cutting, and so does the back one now - we have been putting rabbits out on the lawn in the dry weather but I doubt that they can cut the whole lawn and it is raining today anyway so there won't be any rabbits out.

The FH came to church in the morning with us, but then he went to an Open Farm Sunday event in the village and followed that up immediately with a beekeeping group meeting, and landed safely back at home by about 4.30pm, quite exhausted!  So tired was he, in fact, that he retired to bed by 6pm, and declared himself too tired to eat, and went to sleep.  He's still asleep this morning.....he admitted last night that he thought he had done too much yesterday and ought to pace himself better.  Mmmm.

The EFG is on the home straight now with her exams - just Statistics today and Maths tomorrow - and then she is free, pretty much, until the 30th August.  Results day is 23rd August, and on that day's news hangs her immediate future, so we have to be sure to keep the day free to go to school for the results and then to arrange whatever needs arranging!  She has signed up for a free trip in July with her current school to go to the University of East Anglia in Norwich to have a look around and learn more about what university can offer.  I think she is already pretty determined in her plan to go to university to study science, but perhaps that will motivate her further, or help her to refine her ideas.

I've got my check up at the dentist this morning, so I am off to do a little housework before then.  It is raining here so it's a good opportunity to catch up with some hoovering and tidying, again!

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