Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Back to basics

Checking through Elaine's recipes at her blog (mentioned yesterday) I found a couple that I thought the family would appreciate.  The FH loves malt loaf, so I tried out her version of that, and the YFG is a big fan of cookies - you know the kind, the ones that the supermarkets sell at over a £1 for a bag of five!!  The peanut butter chocolate chip cookies promised to hit that particular spot for her, so this morning has been a kitchen baking time, and the smells have been amazing!

I am not being mean by not making anything for the EFG - she is continuing with her weight loss programme!  She enjoyed a week off from it last week whilst we were away, and I am hoping that all the walking she did will mitigate the indulgences a little.  I weighed her on the day we went, and I will not be weighing her again until Friday; on 1st June her weight loss stood at 2 stones, so I am immensely proud of all she has achieved so far.

As for the finance review - that should be on the cards tonight...

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Rainbowchild said...

Your daughter has done amazingly well with her weight loss - well done xx