Thursday, 11 June 2015

Just one day

But it has felt like three, I think!

The EF exchange girls we are hosting this September found out today that we are their host family and the YFG has been talking to them both via Facebook and Skype, answering their questions and telling them more about where we live.

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One is from Austria and one from Denmark.  

And, excitement - the application form was released with the job description for the church job that I want to apply for!  It has been S-O long coming, and now I am really apprehensive about filling the forms in and making sure I "sell" myself to the panel....

I've done four hours on the phone, been to a governor training session, and am about to go to bed!  Visitors coming tomorrow for the weekend - so pleased that they are coming, and excited, but the girls are finding it hard to get motivated to be excited because they can't remember the folks, because they were so young when we left Cupar, and we haven't seen these friends in the flesh for 15 years - some serious catching up is to be done this weekend!

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Preston Lodge, one of the oldest buildings in Cupar - and I used to clean the communal stairwell and hall here when I did cleaning for a local agency!

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Hopetoun monument was our "homecoming" land mark for Cupar - as soon as we could see that tower on the hill in the distance, we knew we were nearly home.  

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