Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Back in the swing

I've got good intentions of getting back into the habit of popping in here each day for a chat with you, but some days it just won't happen between now and the end of term........there are so many dilemmas to resolve with the girls and their plans, to start with!

Choosing a sixth form college has got so many challenges that I think that the YFG would almost rather someone took the decision out of her hands, but no way!  She has to make her own plans, and this is as good a place to start as any.

She had a fantastic prom last Friday night - she looked lovely, and had a trip in a limo all the way to the venue [shame about coming home in a beat up old Skoda but I joked that the carriage had turned into a pumpkin!] and had a great time with her friends......we did NOT go down the route of spending a fortune, though, as you know us better than that.  The dress was a £50 long affair from the Asos website - she ordered three, one after the other, and we sent each one back until she fell in love with the one she wore.  She bought some high heels in nude, and a gold clutch bag, which will be useful to use again for another event - and I hope she gets more wear out of the dress too, for that matter.  One of her friends spent approaching £500 on her dress and I was shocked!  This was a Year 11 prom, for goodness' sake, not a wedding........sanity and reason and proportion seem to have gone out of the window for some people.  And that dress definitely was not ten times better than the YFG's although it did have more sequins.

I am waiting to hear whether I have been shortlisted for interview for the church job: closing date was today so I have got my fingers crossed.  Will let you know if I hear anything - the interviews will be next Thursday, so I hope I get the chance to go!

And the weather!  "Scorchio" seems to be the new word for describing this heat wave weather we are having here.  I think that the mercury got up to 27C here today - probably a bit higher but I didn't spend long enough in the car to check and that is the only place I see the temperature!  The YFG has turned down a planned trip to Lincoln uni tomorrow with the school as she didn't fancy 4 hours in a tin box [coach] sweating, for about four hours walking around the university, sweating, in the sun.  I took the EFG to Lincoln to an open day and have agreed that I will take the YFG it it turns out to be somewhere she would like to consider - but not tomorrow.  They apparently don't do an anthropology course, so she may not be that interested in the place anyway.

L-o-v-e-l-y to hear from all of you, and  I shall sort out the knitting pattern for the one who asked very soon - I didn't publish your comment as I didn't want to put your email address out there!

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Ali said...

It's nice to see your posts again. Good luck with the application and hope your daughter can reach her decision soon and sit back and enjoy the gap between gcse and A levels Great to have an idea of what to study. Have a lovely summer.