Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Spending Nectar points

If you go over here you can see a lovely lady modelling a dress I "bought" today - the second one in the post, with the plums on it!   The dress is very well made, fully lined [skirt and bodice] and has lovely covered buttons at the back.  I love it!

The girls and I spent time on the internet at the weekend looking for a dress for me - I have two occasions coming up for which a dress would be appropriate attire, and I don't have many dresses [any!] that would do.  We looked all over the place and they were all too flashy [too much skin showing] or too long, or for holidays, and altogether just not ME!

I had seen the dress in Sainsbury's a few weeks ago at full price and liked it at the time, but at £20 and without a specific reason to buy it then, I just admired it and carried on.  Then a few of them ended up on the sale rail at £10 but I didn't think the sizes available would fit.  

But the futility of the internet trawl at the weekend persuaded me to make a purchase yesterday!  I took a chance on a size 14 from the sale rail, and bought it with my Nectar points.  I had over £50 in points on my card, a benefit of being awarded £25 of points sometime after using a set of vouchers.  So, it is really a "free-to-me" dress, and when I got home and tried it on - it fits beautifully!  Now I just need to find a cardigan or shrug to go with it - although I do have a jacket which would be great if the weather is a little chillier.  

I don't buy many clothes at all, so it was a luxury for me to splash out yesterday and not feel the pennies pinch at all!


veeknits19 said...

Love the dress, well done on spending nothing! I'm sure you will enjoy wearing your new dress. Vee x

Sooze said...

It's beautiful.....I don't 'do' dresses, but if I did, it would be one just like that. I think Sainsbury's have some lovely clothes, I have a few really nice tops from there.

Dawn McHugh said...

I do like the vintage stye dresses, that one is lovely and the price you got it for is great :-)

Frugally challenged said...

That looks terrific! Enjoy wearing it. I'd come over all lady-like with a frock like that!

SusanM said...

People howl with laughter when they see me in a skirt (I rarely wear anything but trousers). I've even been asked what those things are sticking out the bottom of the skirt (ie my legs). Your dress is lovely. Like you, I rarely buy new clothes. Enjoy it x