Sunday, 7 June 2015

Counting down

The pressure is on as the YFG enters her last full week of exams - it is a good job that the EFG is home now as they have been sat at the table most of the afternoon going through Maths stuff, and I have forgotten all the rules about sin, cos and tan, so I wasn't much help!

We've also got houseguests arriving on Friday from Somerset and we are still a bed short....we are working hard on making the EFG's old room into the guest room for these people and then for the students, and we are going to be hard pressed to be ready by Friday!

AND the girls are going to a John Barrowman concert in Cambridge with my sister Friday night for their birthday treat.......and I have a chapel event on Saturday afternoon, which is going to need baking doing in advance - nothing fancy though: cheese scones and ginger cake - plain but so good!

Just got to iron the YFG's uniform and then I am off to bed - had a lovely snooze in the sun this afternoon with the cat by my side, as well as about an hour's knitting out there too, so I am not complaining - if I wasn't busy, I'd be bored.  Hope you have had a great weekend.

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