Saturday, 6 June 2015

A day on the move

I've been hither and thither all day today - gymnastics, a tip run for the stuff we are clearing out, a church service a little way away and then pottering in the garden: two lawns cut tonight, three more to go tomorrow!  Had a lovely chatty evening with the girls, and a game of chase the ace, which I hadn't played before and lost both times.  The YFG cooked my tea whilst I was grass cutting, so I enjoyed not having to cook tonight too - luxury.

The church service was the recognition service for another new local preacher, and she is a lovely lady so I wanted to go along to support her anyway, but the minister rang up last night and asked me to do one of the readings, so I had that to do too.  It was an interesting afternoon, and gave me food for thought for my own service next month.

My dad's back from his latest jaunt around the Med, and on antibiotics for a chest infection. His partner has a terribly sore throat and can hardly speak, so they are not in the best of health between them!

Hope you are all having a good weekend - we had planned to watch the Space Station fly over tonight but we were too busy talking and forgot all about it!

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