Sunday, 14 June 2015

We've had visitors!

We've had some lovely doggy visitors - and their owners are pretty lovely too!

Here we have Belle on the left, her dad George in the middle and mummy Tilly on the right.  Tilly is the leader of the pack, but somehow George seems to have got out in front on this occasion.
George is a Bichon Frise, Tilly is a Westie, and so they call Belle a Wee-chon!

We have had a relaxing weekend, with late nights and lie-ins, lots of chatting and endless cups of tea, just like old times.

The girls loved the dogs and took them out for walks each morning - and now I am getting lots of beseeching looks, asking whether we can get a dog!


Angela said...

Wouldn't "Bestie" be a better name than "Weechon" ?!

Morgan said...

Our friend J is Scottish, Ang, so the emphasis is on "little" as in "wee beastie"! Lol - they are gorgeous dogs xx