Thursday, 23 April 2015

Variety in vouchers

Just as it was announced on the news last night that Tesco has reported record losses this year, it was discussed that shoppers are losing their old-fashioned brand loyalty and are shopping around more.  That's exactly what I shall be doing this weekend!  The usual £5 voucher in the Mirror for the Aldi shop has not been forthcoming today, and apparently, I am reading that there are just 10 individual vouchers for specific items - useful if you want to buy those particular things but not much help to the overall total if you don't need them.

But there is still some good news - there are Lidl vouchers for £5 off a £40 shop in "Lidl News" which should be inserted into a number of newspapers on Saturday 25th April - this weekend.  The website I saw that on says that we need to look out for it in the Sun, Express, Telegraph or Mail [and the Record in Scotland] so check that the insert is there when you buy the paper.

And so what does that mean for my Aldi habit?  Well, I used to make the trip once a month and try to combine it with other things to make it worth my while, but if there is not going to be the main voucher for £5 any longer, it won't be worth it really.  My strategy will be to still go, but only when I am going near one anyway - and when I am there, I shall really stock up on the products I love, like the washing powder and washing up liquid.  If the Lidl voucher is a regular thing, I shall use that more often, as I have a Lidl much closer by and I like the quality of their meat, and I can eat their gluten-free meatballs too!


SusanM said...

I'm not using Aldi as regularly now that the £5 vouchers have stopped. Like you, I pop in if we're passing and buy the lower priced goods. T**co have been sending lots of vouchers recently and have also reduced the price of lots of fruit and veg. Also, I seem to always pick up lots of reduced to clear items when I'm in there and the store is closer to us. I no longer shop in one store only. It takes longer to shop but saves us money. I also check online to see what's on offer before setting out, and stock up on items (6 bottles of shampoo last week and 24 bars of soap last month - we only use a certain brand because of sensitivities).

Gill - That British Woman said...

I always find it interesting to see what is happening in Britain. My mam is moving to a smaller town at the end of next month, so must ask her what stores she has there.