Friday, 24 April 2015

Friday came and went

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I'm glad it is Friday at last - but I am actually looking forward to Sunday afternoon as that will be my "weekend"!

Tomorrow is full of gymnastics, typing out quiz questions, buying a paper for the Lidl voucher, making egg sandwiches for quiz refreshments, having someone come to fetch a redundant chook house, teaching small boy maths for an hour, attending quiz and serving refreshments and clearing up afterwards, coming home to prepare Sunday service [unless I can find the bones of one from a previous year that is vaguely recyclable - I am not proud at this point: by this time my eyes will be on matchsticks and I will be praying hard for inspiration to be forthcoming] and falling into bed, hopefully before the small hours!

Saturdays are actually the most hectic and horrendous days of the week sometimes.

I'm going to bed now and my bedtime reading is the passages for Sunday so that inspiration may strike overnight!


Lyssa Medana said...

That is a very packed programme - and teaching maths!!!! I am in utter awe. WS x

Morgan said...

Sybil - don't be in awe! He is a very lovely small boy, but can't get to grips with multiplication so we are spending lots of time doing lots of times tables in lots of different ways to keep it interesting - but it is NOT difficult!! His parents just didn't think they would be able to do it with him.

Angela said...

Sunday is 'vocation sunday' - there are one or two service ideas on line if that helps!!

Morgan said...

Ooooh, Ang - Vocation Sunday and shepherds from the reading.....I might be able to do some thing with that. Thank you xx