Monday, 13 April 2015

Catching up

Well, it may have been pouring when I got up on Saturday morning but by lunchtime, the skies were blue and the wind was whistling the clouds across the sky pretty quickly.  The weekend passed by too quickly but we enjoyed it!

We did some of this:

(old photo - motorhome in the background is long gone!)

and this

Image result for growing in the fens sowing seeds

as well as some of this

Image result for growing in the fens cakes

and I even found time to put my feet up in the verandah, in the sun, with one of these

Image result for katie fforde novels
(image from

Today the weather has been better in that it has been a lot less windy than it was at the weekend, and we have had our "last" day of the holidays.  The YFG is back at school tomorrow, and then we have only three sleeps until the EFG is off.  The FH's cousins came over to see us this afternoon, and we had a lovely chatter over a cuppa.  We have also had to go to town today to the optician for the EFG to sort out her glasses.

The YFG has spent every spare minute today finishing her Textiles GCSE coursework to hand it in tomorrow - not that she's a bit last minute, or anything!!

Thanks for your comments - it is always lovely to hear from you.


Ali said...

After two weeks away seeing old friends and a long drive back from Yorkshire, I am back to work. Girls back to school tomorrow. I left them the same pile of jobs - hang the washing out, make cake and as a bonus they made my tea. I planted out a load of lettuce after work but I havn't read a book yet today. A motor home would be nice though!
Best news of the day, first pair of swallows have arrived. Alix

Frugal in Bucks said...

Cake and tea in the garden is my perfect day! X

Dawn McHugh said...

I do like the quilt in the top picture lovely colours is it one you made ?

Bridget said...

Well despite the putting your feet up bit, it looks like you've been busy.
The schools aren't back here until next week. It seems like they've been off forever.
It's really hard to get the boys to do any school work when their friends are playing outside!

Morgan said...

@Dawn - no, I am afraid I am not talented at sewing at all and mostly avoid it if at all possible! I picked up these two quilts at the local car boot sale a few years ago and one now graces the EFG's bed in Aberdeen and the other one is in the sitting room, hiding a less than perfect chair!

@Ali - we have a blackbird pair nesting in the workshop again this year, which delights me! The motorhome was lovely and I shall hope to have another one, but smaller, again one day.

Lovely to hear from you all xxx