Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Begging your pardon...

please may I be excused?

You'll have noticed that I have not been here quite as much just lately.  Sorry about that!

Sometimes, there's just TOO much going on in real life that there isn't time to tell you all about it.

I've been digging up old lavender bushes, knitting hats, watching films and generally enjoying the EFG's company whilst she's been here, visiting with my Dad and MB and UJ this afternoon, helping UJ plant potatoes and sow grass seed.......doing some work on the phones and spending two and a half hours at a school meeting this morning also got in the way a little...

The EFG is back to Aberdeen tomorrow - she leaves here in the afternoon and will arrive back at her hall just before midnight - she'll be e-x-h-a-u-s-t-e-d!  On the other hand, I might get more sleep when she's gone as she had us watching a Hugh Jackman film last night called Prisoners - I thought it was a nice murder mystery and it turned about to be verging on the horror genre and then I had a nightmare about being abducted!

I'm really hoping to get back into a more regular routine next week - just for the rest!

Hope you are enjoying the sunshine - it has been glorious here today x


Gill - That British Woman said...

I don't watch horror or scary movies for that same reason, nightmares!!

Bridget said...

You have to spend time with them when you can. Not that I think you don't know that!
My children are getting older and wanting to go out with mates so I cherish any one to one quality time, even if it was in hospital last week when one had to have a small procedure done. We had a good time laughing and joking and enjoying each others company, as soon as we got home he wanted to hook up with his friends but that morning was precious!

Angela said...

I hate it when you start watching a film late in the evening - then are torn between seeing it through to the bitter end - or going to bed and dreaming even worse endings!!

Hope the preaching still going ok. Having done none at all since Christmas Eve, I had messages from 2 Dorset churches in 2 days to ask me to visit in May.

blessings xx