Sunday, 19 April 2015

Busy in the garden this weekend

A round up of Fenland photos from yesterday. 

The last four eggs from our chooks. At the rate that the YFG is eating omelettes, they'll all be gone today!  I shall have to start buying them from my friend who has lots and lots of chooks...

This was the chicken run area which we tore down last summer, and it has Finally been laid to lawn with seed this week.  UJ has done the bulk of the work but I am tasked with remembering to water it twice a day unless it rains.  Remembered every day so far!

Raspberries are flourishing - and sending up new shoots everywhere very enthusiastically.

No idea what these are but the EFG grew them from seed last spring and they have survived the winter and are showing us their gorgeous blooms again!

We all think this looks like a heap of antlers but actually it is the heap of all the old lavender bushes that I have dug up. UJ will bring some loppers this week so that we can cut them up a little more to be able to take them to the skip in bags.

Courgette seedlings just popping through - love courgettes!

I also started to take down the other chicken runs yesterday but it is a big job.  I took the "before" photos of the runs and will wait until the "after" photos are ready before I reveal the change - that will be some time away!

Really hoping for another good day weather-wise today so that I can continue to potter in the garden - I feel so much brighter and better for being able to spend time outside.  Fresh air and gardening are good for the soul.


Sooze said...

You have been busy! Having good weather and being able to get out in the garden makes such a difference to how we feel, doesn't it? Those flowers look like marigolds, but don't quote me on it.

Ali said...

I'm up early today to snatch a couple of hours in the garden before the girls wake up. Weather is perfect and plenty of jobs to do in the Garden. The orange flower is a pot marigold, eat the petals in a salad. I love courgettes and if I have a glut I grate them into a thick pancake mix with some curry powder and chopped coriander leaved a make patties to eat with minty yoghurt.
Your daughters lovely pictures of her walk in Aberdeen bought back a memory - my camera fell into the river from that very bridge and was never seen again!
Sounds like you are getting the garden organised. My hens are gone and just about to pass on the hen house to friends. One job less for me. Have a lovely day in the garden. I am off to pot on my tomatoes and drink tea. Simple joys. Ali x

Gill - That British Woman said...

big fan of courgettes also here. I have a good recipe for breakfast muffins that uses courgettes and carrots on my blog.

Bridget said...

It's so rewarding to get into the garden. I too love courgettes, mine aren't sprouting yet though x

SusanM said...

Spanish omelettes are a big favourite in our house and the growing teen has 3 or 4 eggs at a time in his! That looks like quite a big garden you have x

Jo said...

Can you not burn the lavender bushes when cut up into sticks with the loppers? I've got a whole pile of odd sticks to burn when we just need a bit of extra warmth in the evenings. I'm sorry that you felt that you had to part with your chooks. I know would miss mine dreadfully.

Morgan said...

Hi Jo - yes, we probably could burn the lavender, I shall consider that when we have cut them up as they would probably make good kindling.
I really did not have a choice about parting with the chooks at this stage in my life - I will have to sell this house in the medium term and I need to have time to turn around the huge area of bare ground into something that will appeal to potential purchasers more than dirt! I am sure that my hen-keeping days are not over and it is merely that this season in my life demands something different right now. I love my chooks and I am confident that I have re-homed them with people who will love them just as much and they are all [bar Beryl in MK] within visiting distance. I do miss them - the garden is completely different without them, yes. Thanks for popping in xxx